koyagumi 小屋組
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Roof truss or framework; the frame with diagonal members on either side of a strut *tsuka 束, or two or three transverse beams *hari 梁, separated by struts forming the shape and slopes for the gable *kirizuma-zukuri 切妻造, hip *yosemune-zukuri 寄棟造 or hip-and-gable roofs *irimoya-zukuri 入母屋造. The system of rainbow beams *kouryou 虹梁, separated by frog-leg struts *kaerumata 蟇股 can be considered part of the koyagumi.
Miho Jinja Haiden 美保神社拝殿 (Shimane)
a) *munagi 棟木 b) *taruki 垂木 c) *hari 梁 d) *moya 母屋
e) koyazuka 小屋束 f) *hijiki 肘木 g) *hashira 柱 h) *keta

Miho Jinja Haiden 美保神社拝殿 (Shimane)


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