demitsudo 出三斗
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. three-on-one at right angles. Sometimes called crisscrossed 3-on-1. A bearing block and bracket complex consisting of two bracket arms set at right angles to each other. One set remains parallel to the wall plane while the other projects from it. Each bracket arm has three small blocks. The center bearing block serves as the bearing block for each 3-on-1 bearing block and bracket arm assemblage. It is the one inserted into the large bearing block *daito 大斗 set on the top of a pillar *hashira 柱. The complex parallel to the wall plane carries the bracket tie beam *tooshihijiki 通し肘木; the projecting complex receives the tie beam *kouryou 虹梁, a transverse beam that extends from the interior to the exterior of the building.

Hannyaji Hondou 般若寺本堂 (Nara)

*mitsudo tokyou 三斗斗きょう

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