mitsudo tokyou 三斗斗きょう
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also called mitsudogumi 三斗組 or mitsudo-zukuri 三斗造. A 3-on-1 bracket complex. It carries a wall purlin and by distributing the weight of the members above it, lightens the deadload otherwise placed on the pillars. It is non-projecting, and runs parallel to the wall plane. It consists of a large bearing block *daito 大斗, positioned atop a pillar, and carries a bracket arm *hijiki 肘木, to which three small bearing blocks *makito 巻斗, are attached. The end of a rainbow beam extends from the interior to rest upon the large bearing block. The central small bearing block is placed on top of it. the 3-on-1 bracket complex is a basic bracket unit which can be compound into extremely complex bracket systems.

a) *hiramitsudo 平三斗 b) *demitsudo 出三斗
Kenchouji Hattou 建長寺法堂 (Kanagawa)

*tokyou 斗きょう

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