Asian Cultural Dialogues

  • 6th Asia Future Conference Asian Cultural Dialogue Report

    We are pleased to share the report based on the Asian Cultural Dialogues session held online as part of the 6th Asia Future Conference. Please click here to download the report.   SGRA Report Special Issue AFC6 Round Table The 4th Asian Cultural Dialogue “Are you okay?”  - Discussions on mental health, trauma, and fatigue in Asia   Date:August 28 (Sunday) 2022 Venue:Online Organizer:Atsumi International Foundation Sekiguchi Global Research Association (SGRA)   Abstract The past two years have been eventful to say the least – a worldwide pandemic that we are still in the midst of natural disasters that have wrecked devastation on local populations, domestic and international conflicts in areas such as Myanmar and the war in Ukraine that have led to the loss of lives and displacement of millions. These events have not only affected the external conditions of how we live, but also permanently affected how we perceive the world and others, as well as left deep emotional imprints. In this roundtable session we try and take stock of what has happened over the last few years and have a frank discussion about the side we often neglect to discuss – the emotional and individual, internal aspects of these issues. With presentations from Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan, this roundtable seeks to understand how recent events have impacted us mentally and emotionally, as well as the support systems and methods in place for people to cope with the reality we are now faced with. Through this discussion we hope to gain an understanding of some of the struggles that individuals in East and Southeast Asia are grappling with, as well as practical advice for dealing with the difficulties we experience in the new every day.   Download report.