SGRA Kawaraban (Essay) in English

Mohd Hafiz Hilman Bin Mohammad Sofian “Deep Work”


SNS (Social network system) is becoming universal and changing our human life now. Needless to say, there are lot of things which change for the better. SNS can spread information quickly and make possible to communicate persons in long distances. On the other hand, SNS has a lot of wrong points which are overlooked in society. Above all, what distract SNS is paying people’s attention recently. I think it unnecessary to explain to you who are reading this essay. You can understand for no particular reason. If people use SNS too much, you cannot bring out your real potential. There are not much-people who like to solve this question to change their lives. I recommend such people to read a book “Deep Work” written by Professor Cal Newport, Georgetown University. I think it is essential to read this book if you would like to increase your production rate.


“Deep Work” is defined as “an activity which enhances cognitive ability to the limit and is executed in concentration with no inattention”. Author says that we must develop our ability to execute “Deep Work” to survive successfully in present world. As SNS make distracts, we must be distant from such situation as much as possible, not to say completely. By doing so, we can get concentration. Reason why “Deep Work” is important in many cases as we are requested to do our works using our brain. If you look around properly, everyone can understand easily.


Needless to say, the world is going toward future named “Automation systems”. Starting from self-driving cars, smart-houses and robots, the most advanced technologies and services are prevailing now. And ordinally people can get easily now because cost of such technologies and services are being reduced. As almost all the companies at present are involved in such technologies, they have department named “Software Department” which will grow gradually and become an important deployment. In future, software jobs will increase, and job-chance related to software will increase also. In order to get skill and knowledge concerning to complicated software, concentrated power is required. And, for this purpose, “Deep Power” is considered as important.


Now, I hope you could understand an importance of “Deep Work”. However, you may be confused how to get such skills. Author explains in detail in his book. However, I would like to explain my personal and recommendable way of getting such skills. Change your way of using Facebook and Instagram. At present a lot of people are using SNS for 24 hours a day at ones convenience. They check SNS as soon as they wake up in the morning. When they are waiting for their turns at restaurants, they take cellphones out of their pockets to check SNS. It is a bad habit. Your brains do not grow accustomed to “trivial matters” and seek for stimulus.


If so, when you tackle complicated and important tasks, you cannot concentrate and quality of your works will deteriorate. In order to solve this problem, you fix a time of checking SNS and follow. For example, you check your SNS for 45 minutes at noon and after 8:00 only and refrain from checking except those two times. By doing so, your brain will be trained against “triviality”, and you can be a strong person. As a result, your concentration will improve, and you can execute important tasks.


After I read “Deep Work” my life has changed 180 degrees because I have tried to include its’ contents in my daily life as much as possible. When I was at the third year of our faculty, I had to research programing and image processing. I had trouble to solve the complicated and difficult problems in a short time. At that precise moment, I found a book “Deep Work” and was absorbed in reading it. I implemented what I learned. It was tough at first to change my habit to utilize my time. But I got used to such change gradually. After a while I could get the skill for difficult programing too. 


I recommend all of you to read “Deep Work” and include what the book has written in your daily life. I hope your life would change to the better. 



SGRA Kawaraban 705 in Japanese (Original)



Mohd Hafiz Hilman Bin Mohammad Sofian /2021 Raccoon, Doctor of Function Control System, Shibaura Institute of Technology


Translated by Kazuo Kawamura

English checked by Sabina Koirala