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    SGRA Sustainable Shared Growth Seminar 27 ReportLand Value Tax: A Mechanism for Decentralisation?November 16, 2019College of Public Affairs and DevelopmentUniversity of the Philippines Los BañosSeminar Report
  • 4th Asia Future Conference Asian Cultural Dialogue Report

    SGRA Report Special issue AFC4 Round TableThe 2nd Southeast Asia Inter-Religious Dialogue Tolerance and Reconciliation-Religious Responses to Conflict Resolution- August 25th 2018 (Sat) 9:00~12:30 Case Presentations & Roundtable DiscussionAugust 26th 2018 (Sun) 9:00~12:30 Sessions 1 and 2Venue: The K Hotel Conference Hall Seoul, Korea The first “AFC:Southeast Asia Inter-Religious Dialogue” was organized during the 3rd Asia Future Conference in the autumn of 2016. The theme of this roundtable session was “Religious Responses to Changing Social Environment in Southeast Asia”. In the session we discussed the religious responses towards various issues in Southeast Asian countries which have been severely impacted by the process of “globalization”. The topic “religious tolerance” emerged as an important aspect of inter-religious dialogue in Southeast Asia. For the 4th Asia Future Conference of August 2018 in Seoul, we propose to hold the 2nd Southeast Asia Inter-Religious Dialogue” focusing on “Tolerance and Reconciliation”. The Purpose of the Roundtable:Despite the fact that confrontation and dispute arise out of political and economic factors, we often misunderstand such disputes as “religious confrontation”. This is because religion is relevant to the socio-economic and cultural fabric of the community and the people who are in confrontation with each other. Especially in Southeast Asian countries which are said to be a “mosaic” of race and religion, such tendencies are even more pronounced, and confrontation sometimes turns into communal conflicts. On the other hand, there are many cases where religious communities and their leaders have succeeded in peacefully solving such confrontations and disputes. We assume such religious and civil leaders have accumulated vast experiences in reconciliation and peace-building processes. This roundtable session will also be an opportunity to share and learn from the experiences of the speakers mentioned below, some of whom have been involved in the conflict resolution and reconciliation processes in this region.  Click  here for report                   Sekiguchi Global Research Association (SGRA)Atsumi International Foundation