Shared Growth Seminar

Mr. Gerardo Santiago III in SGRA Sustainable Shared Growth Seminar #20



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The Philippines is considered as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. With impacts including extreme weather  events, climate change has been a constant reality that many Filipinos have had to face. Far from being isolated, the recent Philippines typhoon Yolanda followed extraordinary meteorological events that are becoming more frequent and increasingly severe.  Storm Surge  has greatly affected our fellowmen living in coastal rural  poor communities  that lack awareness on proper disaster preparedness measures to take as well as in urban areas particularly Manila bay area.How does this storm surge occur? How does climate change affect the occurrence of this storm surge?  


Understanding  this, we  become aware of the damaging effects it could incur and be prepared with it .  We come up with findings and recommendations on what certain basic measures, design  and construction should we take into consideration on building  resilient  in times of natural disaster.


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Mr. Gerardo Santiago III