sotoroji 外露地
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Outer tea garden. The section of the double tea garden nijuu roji 二重露地 closest to the entrance gate, sotorojimon 外露地門 or rojimon 露地門. It is contrasted with the inner tea garden *uchiroji 内露地 and divided from it by the middle gate *chuumon 中門 or middle wicket *nakakuguri 中潜. Typically, the sotoroji includes the *yoritsuki 寄付 (outer waiting shelte), the functional toilet *shitabara setchin 下腹雪隠, and part of the garden walk enro 苑路. The development of the sotoroji probably dates from the time of Furuta Oribe 古田織部 (1544-1615).


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