shitabara setchin 下腹雪隠
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Also pronounced the kafuku setchin. A functional toilet placed in the outer tea garden *sotoroji 外露地, distinguished from the ornamental *sunasetchin 砂雪隠 (sand toilet) in the inner tea garden *uchiroji 内露地. It is usually placed near the *yoritsuki 寄付 (waiting shelter) or hakamatsuke 袴付け, another functional structure where guests may change into hakama 袴 before the tea gathering. According to the CHADOU HAYAGATEN 茶道早合点 (1772), the toilet is called shitabara setchin; guests who are not dignitaries have only a shitabara setchin. Even if there is only a stone toilet ishisetchin 石雪隠, when sand is put in it, it becomes a shitabara setchin. The shitabara setchin includes a jar and a floor board to step on.


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