shukuya-zukuri 宿屋造
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
1 A term for a style of vernacular residence *minka 民家, with shallowly pitched shingled *itabuki 板葺, or tiled *kawarabuki 瓦葺, roofs in the Hokuriku 北陸 region of Japan. These distinguished them from the commoner thatched minka, which were known as kuzuya 葛屋 or kayaya 茅屋. The name is derived from the fact that, away from large urban centres, this type of roof was first common in *shukubamachi 宿場町.

2 In Nagano prefecture, a style of *hirairi 平入 vernacular house with a roof of wood shingle or tile, as opposed to thatch. In this area the term is used in contradistinction to a house style with a gable entry, tiled or shingled *honmune-zukuri 本棟造.


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