shoudou 正堂
KEY WORD : architecture / buildings & structures
Also seidou.

1 The fare hall or worshipper's hall of a temple, in contrast to the rear hall housing the sanctuary when two buildings are set closely one behind the other *narabidou 双堂. Example: Toudaiji *Hokkedou 東大寺法華堂 in Nara.

2 The worshipper's area in the front of a sanctuary. Also called *raidou 礼堂 or *gejin 外陣. Example: Myoutsuuji *Hondou 明通寺本堂 (1258) in Fukui prefecture.

3 Aiso written 昭堂. The living quarters of the abbot of a Zen temple. Also *houjou 方丈.


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