shikibari 敷梁
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
Also *ushibari 牛梁, nakahikibari 中引梁, ushihikibari 牛引梁, hariuke 梁受, hikibari 引梁, makurabari 枕梁. A relatively short, heavy beam running parallel to the ridge used to support the *nagekakebari 投掛梁, a long transverse beam made in two sections, or to support transverse floor beams, yukabari 床梁. The shikibari is supported by stout pillars or struts attached from underneath where the junction of the transverse beams occurs. This type of roof frame is commonly used for earthen storehouses *dozou 土蔵, and large vernacular houses *minka 民家.

*dashibari 出梁

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