sagekiri 下げ切
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
A little used placement of the firebox *ro 炉, in a tea ceremony room *chashitu 茶室. The firebox was set into the lower part of the mat next to the host's mat *temaedatami 点前畳. It was difficult for the host to handle the utensils properly in a tiny 1.5 mat tea ceremony room when the firebox was placed on the mat next to his own . Originally, two other positions besides sagekiri, placed the firebox in the mat next to the host's: *agetekiri 上げ手切 and oshitsukekiri 押付切. Over time these were no longer used. Instead *yojouhangiri 四畳半切, or *daimegiri 台目切, *mukougiri 向切 and sumikiri 隅切, which cut the firebox into the host's mat became more commonly used. Example: Konnichi'an Urasenke 今日庵裏千家, Kyoto.


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