ochima 落間
KEY WORD : architecture / aristocratic dwellings
Also kiriotoshi 切落.

1 A generic term for a floor that is lower than the main floor of a dwelling. Because people were strictly identified by rank before the late 19c, floor levels were arranged so that the aristocracy would be seated at a higher level than commoners. Ochima indicated the lowest level. The term is known to have been used during the Muromachi period.

2 A low level boarded floor in a folk dwelling *minka 民家 that rests on sleepers *jifuku 地覆 and is covered with straw or rice hulls

3 A hardpacked, earthen floor *doma 土間 covered with simple straw mats. Commonly used in Nagano, Osaka and Ehime prefectures.

4 In the Kansai 関西 region, the floor in front of a *kabuki 歌舞伎 stage where part of the audience sat. The area had only an earthen floor or box seats. It corresponds to the hiradoma 平土間, a term used in Edo.

*gongen-zukuri 権現造

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