nori-ishi 乗石
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Lit. mounting stone. One of the trump stones *yaku-ishi 役石 placed in front of the *nijiriguchi 躙口 or crawl door, entrance to *souan 草庵 style tea houses. It is also called the third stone sanban-ishi 三番石 because it follows the stepping stone *fumi-ishi 踏石 and the falling stone *ochi-ishi 落石. On the garden side of the nori-ishi are the *tobi-ishi 飛石. The nori-ishi is set 3cm lower than the ochi-ishi and is placed so that half of it is inside the eavesdrop *amaochi 雨落ち or packed-earth floor *tsuchibisashi 土廂. The typical height of the nori-ishi is about 4.5 cm and it is generally the same size or slightly larger than an ordinary stepping stone.


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