nokimawari 軒廻
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A generic term for all the parts that compose an eave including: rafters, *taruki 垂木; flying rafters, *hien daruki 飛檐垂木; flying rafter supports, *kioi 木負; eave supports, *kayaoi 茅負; eave filler, *uragou 裏甲; and tile seat, *kawaraza 瓦座. Nokimawari also refers to various types of eaves including single eaves, *hitonoki 一軒, and double eaves, *futanoki 二軒. It is also applied to the terms for closely spaced rafters, *shigedaruki 繁垂木, and widely spaced rafters, *mabaradaruki 疎垂木. Rafters that fan out are called *ougidaruki 扇垂木, and those with the orderly arrangement of six rafters distributed over three small bearing blocks, *makito 巻斗, are called rokushigake 六枝掛.


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