nijuu kidan 二重基壇
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also nisei kidan 二成基壇. A stepped podium with two layers. The upper layer is called *jousei kidan 上成基壇 and is smaller than the lower layer which is called kasei kidan 下成基壇. The oldest extant nijuu kidan are are found in Houryuuji *Kondou 法隆寺金堂 (rebuilt 693) and *Gojuu-no-tou 五重塔 (late 7 to early 8c), Nara. These podii are built in a formal style *danjouzumi 壇上積 with the upper layers considerably higher than the lower ones. There are no stone struts *tsuka-ishi 束石 used on the sides of the upper layer, but these are used on the lower layer. Omitting stone struts on the upper layer is believed to reflect an earlier style.

Houryuuji Touin Yumedono 法隆寺東院夢殿 (Nara)

*kidan 基檀 

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