miyukimon 御幸門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
1 A gate originally used exclusively by the emperor. It had two main pillars and four secondary ones. Such gates were also erected in front of the dwellings of Imperial princes, at mansions of the shoguns and at temples used by emperors. Katura Rikyuu 桂離宮 in Kyoto, is a middle gate miyukimon in a rustic style. The bark *kuroki 黒木 is not stripped from the posts and the roof is thatched.

2 A type of four-legged gate *shikyakumon 四脚門. The most elaborate had undulating gables *karahafu 唐破風, on four sides, and some had a dormer bargeboad *chidori hafu 千鳥破風, that was actually a short ridge projecting at right angles from the main ridge *munagi 棟木. The miyukimon came to be used for gates at temples, shrines or aristocratic dwellings from the 17-19c.


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