mebari 女梁
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also called meutsubari めうつ梁. The lower and shorter of two transverse members at right angles to the lintel *kabuki 冠木, of various gates, including *kabukimon 冠木門, *shikyakumon 四脚門, and *roumon 楼門. It may be shaped like a bracket arm *hijiki 肘木. The longer and upper transverse beam is sometimes called *obari 男梁 or outsubari おうつ梁.
Old Andou 安藤 house Chuumon 中門 (Yamanashi)
Old Andou 安藤 house Chuumon 中門 (Yamanashi)
a) *obari 男梁 (*udegi 腕木) b) mebari 女梁 (*hijiki 肘木)
Old Andou 安藤 house Chuumon 中門 (Yamanashi)


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