mawaribuchi 回縁
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also written 廻縁. A long edging board or finishing board that covers the junction point of a wall and ceiling. The finishing board is sometimes doubled to create a decorative effect called nijuu mawaribuchi 二重回縁. Mawaribuchi nageshi 回縁長押, also called *tenjou nageshi 天井長押 is a non-penetrating beam, placed beneath the long edging board. The battens *saobuchi 竿縁 of a board and batten ceiling *saobuchi tenjou 竿縁天井, and the ends of the coffers *goubuchi 格縁, forming a coffered ceiling *goutenjou 格天井 are attached to the mawaribuchi.

*nageshi 長押 

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