kurazashiki 蔵座敷
KEY WORD : architecture / storehouses
Also *zashikigura 座敷蔵. A fireproof structure *dozou-zukuri 土蔵造 used as a reception suite *zashiki 座敷. The roof is tiled *kawarabuki 瓦葺, or boarded *itabuki 板葺. Where the kurazashiki is attached to or incorporated into the core area of a house, it is called uchigura zashiki 内蔵座敷. Usually two storeys high, the lower floor is always used as a reception room, whilst the upper floor is either a storeroom or a second reception room. The most luxurious kurazashiki reception rooms were fitted with a decorative alcove *tokonoma 床の間, staggered shelves *chigaidana 違い棚, and a built-in table tsukeshoin 付書院, and other decorative features. The kurazashiki was used for important ceremonies such as weddings, as well as to accommodate guests. First seen in town houses in the Kansai 関西 region, the kurazashiki spread to Edo. Today, the largest numbers of surviving examples can be seen in Yamagata and Fukushima prefectures. Also used as high-class guest house accommodation.


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