kenninjiryuu 建仁寺流
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. Kenninji style. A school of carpentry headed by Koura Munehiro 甲良宗広 who left Shiga prefecture, to go to Edo (Tokyo) in 1604. He reached the peak of his career after 1620. He engineered building of NikkouToushouguu 日光東照宮 in Tochigi prefecture. It was completed in 1636 and Kan'eiji Gojuu-no-tou 寛永寺五重塔 (1639) in Tokyo. Enormous technical advances had been accomplished by the Momoyama period, and building construction was based more and more on drawings including elevations, dimensions of individual members and the use of kiwarijutsu 木割術 a technique developed to systematize construction ratios. As a school of carpentry, it leaned heavily on the Zen style *zenshuuyou 禅宗様. Among carpenters the term kenninji is considered a Zen style.

*SHOUMEI 匠明, *shitennoujiryuu 四天王寺流

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