shitennoujiryuu 四天王寺流
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. Shitennouji 四天王寺 style; also called tachikawaryuu 立川流. A school of carpenters during the Edo period. The carpenters of this school were known for their skill in producing temple and shrine buildings in the Japanese or wayou style *wayou 和様. Among the many families of master artisans the Heinouchi 平内 and Tsuru 鶴, both early 17c. and both originally from Wakayama prefecture, were of the Shitennouji school. They were responsible for keeping the modular construction techniques used by the Shitennouji school a secret. Other Shitennouji style artisans included the Koura 甲良 and the Tsujiuchi 辻内, from Shiga prefecture. These four groups of carpenters eventually went to the Kantou 関東 region and also worked on the Nikkou Toushouguu 日光東照宮 in Tochigi prefecture. Because of their excellent craftsmanship and superb sense of design they were highly esteemed by Tokugawa 徳川 affiliated construction experts.

*kenninjiryuu 建仁寺流 

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