kazuki 被き
KEY WORD : architecture / folk dwellings
An enclosed room generally equivalent to a bedchamber (see *nando 納戸, *choudai 帳台) though in rare cases it functioned like a living room *dei 出居 or an anteroom tsugi-no-ma 次ぎの間 in traditional vernacular houses *minka 民家. Found in the vicinity of Takayama 高山 in the Hida 飛騨 district of Gifu prefecture. In buildings roofed with boards *itabuki 板葺, the kazuki was usually the central room in the rear part of the building, but sometimes served as the anteroon to a guestroom *zashiki 座敷. In the town houses *machiya 町家 of Takayama, it was a room at the upper hand *kamite 上手 of the house beyond the main living room *oue 御上. Here it was closely associated with women : it was the sleeping and dressing room of the mistress of the house, and was also the room for childbirth and nursing.


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