karuraen 迦楼羅焔
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
1 Flames which emerge from the mouth of the supernatural bird *Karura 迦楼羅, mentioned in Buddhist scriptures.

2 Also karura enkou 迦楼羅焔光. A halo with flame designs *kaen kouhai 火焔光背 found on *Fudou Myouou 不動明王. The shape of the flames are said to resemble the outstretched wings of the Karura bird. Sometimes the bird's head is also depicted on the front of the halo. Examples of kakuraen can be seen on Fudou Myouou in Hasedera 長谷寺, Nara, and the central image in Kongoubuji Fudoudou 金剛峯寺不動堂, Wakayama prefecture.

*kouhai 光背

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