kabeshiro 壁代
KEY WORD : architecture / decorations
A type of curtain hung from the upper non-penetrating tie beam, uwanageshi 上長押 in temple halls and gates and in the mansions of nobility *shinden-zukuri 寝殿造. It reached to the bottom non-penetrating tie beam shitanageshi 下長押, a length of about nine meters. It was made of plain or twilled silk with various patterns embroidered on the front, which included purple stylized decayed tree branches, kuchiki 朽木, flowers, or birds. The back of the curtain was a glossy white color called you 瑩. Added to the curtain were deep purple or very dark red ribbons embellished with butterflies and birds, drawn on with a white pigment made from ground seashells *gofun 胡粉. These bands or ribbons are called nosuji 野筋. In temples, this type of curtain was hung between the aisle *hisashi 廂 and the core *moya 母屋 of the building. They provided some privacy and some protection from the cold in winter but were replaced in April by bamboo blinds *sudare 簾. When not in use they were rolled up and stored.


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