joushikou ganna 上仕工鉋
KEY WORD : architecture / tools
Special finishing plane. A smoothing plane used in the final stages of wood preparation to get a glossy surface on timber, after a flat surface has been achieved with another finishing plane called the *chuushikou ganna 中仕工鉋. The base of this plane is flatter than that of the rough plane *arashikou ganna 荒仕工鉋 and the chuushikou ganna, and so the contact between the timber and the plane stock is greater. This gives a greater degree of precision and homogeneity to the treated timber surface. The blade juts out only very slightly, and the mouth is very narrow, approximately 0.5mm. An extremely beautiful timber surface is produced by planing with the joushikou ganna. It has a fine, delicate gloss which reflects like a mirror. Wood prepared in this way is not painted but left just as it is.


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