hinuki 飛貫
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also written 樋貫.
1 Pegs which go through the ridge protecting the boards *aori-ita 障泥板 on each side, and inserted into the struts *hizuka 樋束, to support the peaked ridge board shrine architecture of *shinmei-zukuri 神明造.

Ise Jinguu Gekuu Tsuchinomiya 伊勢神宮外宮土宮 (Mie)

2 A neck penetrating tie beam which extends through a pillar, or part way into it, somewhat below the uppermost or head-penetrating tie beam *kashiranuki 頭貫. Seen especially in temple architecture. Also the tie beam below the secondary lintel *shimaki 島木 of an entrance gate to a Shinto shrine *torii 鳥居, is sometimes refered to as hinuki.


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