hatsu-no-ishi 初の石
KEY WORD : architecture / gardens
Lit. first stone. The stone nearest the crawl-in entrance *nijiriguchi 躙口 of a tea ceremony room *chashitsu 茶室. Used for taking off one's shoes. Also called *fumi-ishi 踏石, *fuminugi-ishi 踏脱石, hatsu-ishi 初石, ichiban-ishi 一番石, ichi-no-ishi 一の石, kuguri-shi 潜り石 and nijiriguchi-no-ishi 躙口の石. The hatsu-no-ishi is normally about 15 -19cm away from the tearoom entrance, and the top of the stone is about 27 - 37cm lower than the *tatami 畳 flooring in the tearoom. The hatsu-no-ishi at the Fushin'an 不審庵 (Kyoto, Momoyama period, rebuilt 1913) is approximately 10cm above ground, while that at the Taian 待庵 (1582, Kyoto) is 15cm high.  

*yaku-ishi 役石

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