hakarihijiki 秤肘木
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A single bracket arm *hijiki 肘木, which is set into a large bearing block *masu 斗. Two or three smaller bearing blocks *makito 巻斗, are set into the top surface of the masu. It runs parallel to the wall plane and supports the eave purlin *gagyou 丸桁. It may carry a *sanehijiki 実肘木, a bracket arm on which the eave purlin rests directly. The name is said to be derived from its resemblance to a balance because of the small bearing blocks on each end.

a) hakarihijiki 秤肘木 b) *wakuhijiki 枠肘木
Negoroji Tahoutou 根来寺多宝塔 (Wakayama)

*degumi 出組, *hiramitsuto 平三斗

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