Gishuumon 宜秋門
KEY WORD : architecture / gates
Also called Kugyoumon 公卿門 or Karagomon 唐御門. A 4-legged gate *shikyakumon 四脚門, with a cypress bark roof *hiwadabuki 桧皮葺. It is located toward the south-end of the west mud packed wall that forms the outer enclosure of Kyoto Gosho 京都御所. It faces the Inmeimon (Onmeimon) 陰明門 and was originally a guard station. Imperial princes and other noblemen entered the palace grounds on foot through this gate. However, high officials with permits from the emperor were permitted to ride through in an ox-drawn cart as far as a platform arranged for them to alight. Built in 1755?, the gate closely resembles a type of gate called *Kenreimon 建礼門, but is different in that it has two sculptures in the round, and instead of frog-leg struts *kaerumata 蟇股, the main purlin receives another purlin. Bottle struts *taiheizuka 大瓶束 are positioned on this beam to support the ridge *munagi 棟木.
Kyoto Gosho Gishuumon 京都御所宜秋門 (Kyoto)
Kyoto Gosho Gishuumon 京都御所宜秋門 (Kyoto)

*Kenreimon 建礼門

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