geshou 牙象
KEY WORD : architecture / decorations
1 Also gejou. A type of molding *kurigata 繰形. The legs of a desk or pedestal carved in a decorative S-shaped curve. Also refers to a desk or pedestal with legs of this type. Variations of geshou include; hana'ashi 花足 (flower leg), *sagiashi 鷺足 ( heron leg), *nekoashi 猫足 (cat's leg). Geshou riginated in China in the Six dynasties. The earliest mention of geshou in Japan is a reference to a piece of lacquerware in the 8c document SAIDAIJI SHIZAIRUKICHOU 西大寺資財流記帳.

2 Also genjou 眠象, *kouzama 格狭間. A heart-shaped or kidney-shaped outline used in architectural and furniture decoration.


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