daibutsuyou kurigata  大仏様繰形
KEY WORD : architecture / decorations
Typical daibutsu style *daibutsuyou 大仏様, decorative carvings *kurigata 繰形, used on the edges of bracket arms *hijiki 肘木, tail-rafters *odaruki 尾垂木 corner rafters *sumigi 隅木, and penetrating tie beams *nuki 貫, that extend from one pillar to another. The first examples, produced in the early Kamakura period, consisted of simple repeated curved lines or arcs. These designs gradually became more sophisticated: in the late Muromachi-Momoyama periods they included lions, dragons, tapirs, or a combination of lions and peonies.
Toudaiji Nandaimon 東大寺南大門 (Nara)
Toudaiji Nandaimon 東大寺南大門 (Nara)

*hanaguri 鼻繰

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