asagaokugi 朝顔釘
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Lit. morning glory nail. A two-pronged nail bent into a right angle for the purpose of hanging a flower vase. The nail usually is driven into the bamboo lath of a vine-laced, lattice-reed window *shitajimado 下地窓, or on the lath of a small window *hana-akarimado 花明窓, found at the side of the tea house alcove *tokonoma 床の間. The points of this nail are bent around the bamboo lath of the window lattice after it has been pounded in. Typically, morning glories 'asagao 朝顔', are displayed in this vase hence the name, but sometimes other flowers are displayed.

*orekugi 折釘 

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