What is SGRA

Contributing to good global citizenship through the principle of harmony in diversity.

SGRA is short for Sekiguchi Global Research Association (pronounced as SEGRA). It is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) based in Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan and has a mission to reach out globally. It is under the Atsumi International Foundation (AIF), which was formed on the behest of the the late Takeo Atsumi (former President of Kajima Construction) as the Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation (AISF). SGRA’s mission is to contribute to good global citizenship under the principle of harmony in diversity. The core of SGRA is formed from former AISF/AIF scholarship recipients of foreign students in the final stage of Ph.D. work in a Japanese university. SGRA is also engaged in lay person-oriented research in Japan studies, environmental/energy , global citizenship, peace/security, human resource development, IT/education, and historical issues. SGRA’s membership is therefore open to all men and women of goodwill irrespective of nationality, social rank, or field of intellectual pursuit.

SGRA holds at least four forums per year in Japan and regularly publishes the SGRA report (generally in Japanese, although there are special issues published in other languages as well). SGRA also has regular international collaborations with like-minded institutions in the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, China, and Mongolia.

SGRA’s Home Page could be found here.