The 6th Asia Future Conference (AFC#6) invites proposals for papers and short papers in line with the following guidelines.


The overall theme for the conference is:

Building a Future Asia:
Solving Problems, Together

The future of Asia holds great potential, and the world is paying attention to the development of the region. Over the past 30 years, Asia has achieved remarkable progress, with rapidly rising consumption levels and successful integration into global trade, capital, talent and innovation flows. In the decades to come, Asian economies will not only participate in but also determine the direction of these flows. From the Internet and technology to international trade, Asia has long become a main player in many fields. The key issue today is no longer how fast Asia is rising, but what forms of leadership it will generate. Although Asian countries contain diverse languages, races and religions and have different forms of government and economic systems, they share similar developmental histories and backgrounds.

Asia accounted for less than 1/3 of the world’s total GDP in the year 2000 but is expected to exceed 50% of it by 2040. By then, Asia is also expected to account for 40% of total world consumption. Asia has not only achieved economic progress but human development through increased human longevity and literacy rates as well as the rapid spread of technology and the Internet. As a result of this, however, overused resources and health insurance have become urgent social issues.

The rise of Asia has not only lifted hundreds of millions of people out of extreme poverty, but has also widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Urbanization is driving economic development and improving education and public health services, but poverty and other development challenges remain. With rapid population growth many cities are unable to provide adequate housing, infrastructure and other related services. Asian countries and regions need to achieve more inclusive and sustainable economic growth in order to cope with the pressures of inequality and environmental issues. In addition to environmental and economic sustainability, Asian countries should also work together for Asia’s future toward peace.

We welcome proposals for full papers and short papers related to the following topics in order to encourage interdisciplinary discussions at AFC#6. From the following list, you will be asked to choose three topics that most relate to your research. Parallel sessions will be arranged based on the themes you choose.

Session Themes Topics
Future Regional, Urban and Rural Development Smart city, Environment, Innovation, Health
Technology and Economy Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Energy and Industry Development
History and Peace Peace, Regional Politics, History, International Relations
Education and Culture Marine Culture, Pop Culture and Media, Education, Language, Literature and Culture
Globalization The Future of Asia under Globalization, The Wealth Gap in Globalization


The official languages of AFC#6 are English, Japanese, and Chinese only. Select the language of your oral presentation when you register. Abstracts in English must be no more than 250 words. If your oral presentation is in Japanese or Chinese, please submit your abstract both in English (250 words) and Japanese (600 characters) or Chinese (400 characters). You do not need to submit an English version of your full paper or short paper if your oral presentation is in Japanese or Chinese.

Paper submission and presentation

The AFC aims to provide a platform for researchers and scholars who have studied in Japan or who are interested in Japan to meet and discuss the future of Asia. The AFC is an international and interdisciplinary conference and encourages diverse approaches to global issues in order to promote lively discussions. The AFC is not a conference for a specific field of study. Try to make your presentation comprehensible to a general public.

Papers that are already published are also welcome, but please indicate this in your abstracts and papers. They are NOT, however, eligible for the selection of AFC Scholarships and Best Papers.

1.Short Paper (2-3 pages)
To facilitate lively, international, and interdisciplinary discussions at the conference, we ask you to submit a short paper (2-3 pages) online that describes the contents of your oral presentation. Your presentation handouts (e.g. summary and PowerPoint slides) can be accepted in lieu of a short paper.

The deadline for online submissions of abstracts is February 28, 2021. Upon acceptance, the deadline for online submissions (uploading of PDF files) of short papers is May 31, 2021. We will consider it as a retraction of your presentation if we do not receive your short paper by the deadline. Short papers are not eligible for the AFC Scholarship and Best Paper Awards.

2.Full Paper(between 5 to 10 pages)
*Punctual submissions are eligible for the AFC Scholarship and Best Paper Awards

AFC encourages research with an international and interdisciplinary approach and provides an opportunity to further enhance such research. Even though your work may not yet be complete, we encourage you to submit work-in-progress in order to improve it.

If you are applying for the AFC Scholarship and/or Best Paper Awards, the deadline for online submission of abstracts is now extended to September 20, 2020. Upon acceptance, you can apply for AFC Scholarships. The scholarship announcement is included in the notice of acceptance. The selection results will be released before January 20, 2021. The deadline for online submissions (uploading of PDF files) of the full papers is March 31, 2021.

The AFC Academic Committee will also select 20 Best Papers. Awards are given to the Best Paper authors at the conference, and the Best Papers will be included in the edited volume “Toward the Future of Asia: My Proposal Vol. 6” to be published after the conference. Already published papers and those that have been awarded an AFC Best Paper Award in the past are not eligible.

If you do not apply for the AFC Scholarship and Best Paper Awards, the deadline for online submission of abstracts is February 28, 2021. Upon acceptance, the deadline for online submissions (uploading of PDF files) of the full papers is May 31, 2021.

Assignment of Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions will be held on August 29, 2021 at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei. The schedule for parallel sessions will be announced on the AFC Online System by August 10, 2021.

1.General Session (Sessions arranged by AFC Organizing Committee)

Except for presentations arranged by groups (see below), all the full papers and short papers that are submitted online by May 31, 2021 will be grouped according to the language of oral presentations (English, Japanese or Chinese). Sessions will then be assigned according to the topics (see above) that you choose when you submit your paper online.

2.Group Session (Sessions arranged by groups of presenters.)

If you want to arrange a session by yourself, you may organize a group session consisting of between 3 to 5 presenters, 1 or 2 discussants, with 1 or 2 session chairs. Please provide the following information via email to the AFC Secretariat ( ) before February 28, 2021.

(1) Title and abstract of your session (if your oral presentation is in Japanese or Chinese, include both in Japanese or Chinese and English).

(2) Name and AFC User Registration Numbers (4 digits) and Submission Numbers (3 digits) of all the presenters, discussants, and chairs.

(3) Language of your (session) presentation.

Submission Details

  1. Register for a user account on the AFC#6 website. Upon registration, you can use your ID and password to repeatedly access and make any changes to account details. When you register, you will find the User Registration Number (4 digits) in the Online System. Please be sure to include this number when you contact the AFC Secretariat. If you have participated and registered in the previous AFCs (e.g. AFC#5 in the Philippines), you may use the same ID and password. In this case, please do not forget to update your information.
  2. Submit your paper abstracts through your personal page on the AFC website:

Submission period for abstracts:
[A] From May 1 to September 20(Deadline postponed from 8/31 to 9/20), 2020: Abstracts of full papers to apply for AFC Scholarship and Best Paper Awards.
[B] From May 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021: Abstracts of short papers and full papers that are NOT eligible for AFC Scholarship and Best Paper Awards.

Language for abstracts: English (250 Words). If your oral presentation will be in Japanese or Chinese, submit in both English (250 Words) and Japanese (600 characters) or Chinese (400 characters).

3. The AFC Academic Committee will screen the abstracts that are received between May 1 and September 20(Deadline postponed from 8/31 to 9/20), 2020 and the results will be sent by email before October 31, 2020. Acceptance of your abstract means acceptance of your oral presentation at the conference.

4. [AFC Scholarship] Abstracts of full papers submitted by September 20(Deadline postponed from 8/31 to 9/20), 2020 and accepted by October 31, 2020 will be eligible for the AFC Scholarships. The application form will be included in the notification of the acceptance. All applicants will be notified of the selection results before January 20, 2021.
-Papers that have already been published are not eligible.

5. [Best Paper Award] On the premise that abstracts have been submitted by September 20(Deadline postponed from 8/31 to 9/20), 2020, and accepted by October 31, 2020, full papers (at least 5 A4-size pages, at most 10 pages) submitted by March 31, 2021 will be screened for the Best Paper Award. Upon notification of acceptance of your abstract, submit (upload PDF files) your full paper through your personal page on the AFC#6 website.
– Oral presentation of the paper and attendance during the Awards and Closing Ceremony is required for Best Paper awardees.
– Papers that have already been published are not eligible.
– Those who have been awarded AFC Best Paper Awards in the past are not eligible.

6.Upon notification of acceptance of the abstract, submit (upload PDF files) your full paper, short paper (or presentation handouts) through your personal page on the AFC#6 website by March 31, 2021 (if applying for AFC Scholarship or Best Paper Awards) or by May 31, 2021 (if not applying/not eligible for AFC scholarship or Best Paper Awards). We will consider it as a retraction of your presentation if we do not receive your submission by the deadline.

7.The results of the Best Paper selection by our Academic Committee will be announced by June 10, 2021. The schedule of parallel sessions will be announced on the AFC Online System by August 10, 2021.

Schedule of Submission and Registration as a Participant

【Schedule A】Eligible for AFC Scholarships and Best Paper Awards: Full Papers ONLY

May 1, 2020 Call for abstracts (English presentations: abstract only in English. Japanese/Chinese presentations: abstract in Japanese or Chinese AND English)
September 20, 2020 Deadline for abstracts submissions via AFC online system (for AFC Scholarships and Best Paper Awards)
October 31, 2020 Announcement of screening results of abstracts (announcement includes the application guide for AFC scholarship)
January 20, 2021 Announcement of screening results for AFC Scholarships
February 1, 2021 Registration as participant (Early bird 20% discount on registration fee until April 10)
March 31, 2021 Deadline for online submission (uploads of PDF files) of full papers for Best Paper Awards
June 10, 2021 Announcement of screening results for Best Papers
June 20, 2021 Deadline for registration as participant
August 10, 2021 Announcement of the schedule of parallel sessions
August 29, 2021 Oral presentation and awarding ceremony at the Closing Party in AFC#6

【Schedule B】General Submission of Short Papers and Full Papers (NOT eligible for Scholarships and Best Paper Awards)

May 1, 2020 Call for abstracts (English presentations: abstract only in English. Japanese/Chinese presentations: abstract in Japanese or Chinese AND English)
February 1, 2021 Registration as participant (Early bird 20% discount on registration fee until April 10)
February 28, 2021 Deadline for abstract submissions of full papers (not related to scholarships or awards) and short papers via AFC online system
March 31, 2021 Announcement of screening results of abstracts
May 31, 2021 Deadline for online submission (uploads of PDF files) of full papers (not related to scholarships or awards) and short papers via AFC online system
June 20, 2021 Deadline for registration as participant
August 10, 2021 Announcement of the Schedule for Parallel Sessions
August 29, 2021 Oral presentation in AFC#6


Please check the FAQ ( first, and if you have further inquiries, contact the AFC Secretariat by email Please indicate your AFC User registration number (4 digits) when you make an inquiry.






分科会テーマ トピック
未来の都市、地域開発 スマートシティー、環境、イノベーション、健康
科学技術と経済 人工知能、ブロックチェーン、エネルギーと産業
歴史と平和 平和、地域の安定と政治、歴史、国際関係
教育と文化 海洋文化、ポップカルチャーとメディア、教育、言語、文学と文化
グローバル化 グローバル化とアジアの未来、富の格差とグローバル化





1. 小論文 short paper(2~3ページ)

発表要旨のオンライン投稿の締め切りは2021年2月28 日、合格後の小論文のオンライン投稿(PDF版のアップロード)の締め切りは2021年5月31日です。5月31日までに投稿がない場合は、アジア未来会議における発表を辞退したと見なされますのでご注意ください。小論文は、奨学金、優秀論文賞の選考対象にはなりません。

2. 論文 full paper(10ページ以内)― 奨学金、優秀論文賞の選考対象になります


奨学金と優秀論文賞に申請する場合、発表要旨のオンライン投稿締め切りは2020年9月20日(締切は8/31 から 9/20に延長されました)で、発表要旨の合格後、論文を投稿して奨学金を申請することができます。奨学金の選考結果は2021年1月20日までに通知します。合格後の論文のオンライン投稿(PDF版のアップロード)の締め切りは2021年3月31日です。




1. 個人投稿:アジア未来会議実行委員会が割り当てる


2. グループで独自のセッションを作る





【A】 奨学金・優秀論文賞の選考対象となる論文の発表要旨の投稿
:2020年5月1日から2020年9月20日(締切は8/31 から 9/20に延長されました)

【B】論文・小論文の発表要旨の一般投稿 (奨学金・優秀論文賞の対象外)


2020年5月1日から2020年9月20日(締切は8/31 から 9/20に延長されました)の間に投稿された奨学金・優秀論文賞の選考対象となる論文の発表要旨は、学術委員会によって審査され、2020年10月31日までに合否をEメールでお知らせします。発表要旨の合格通知をうけた方は、第6回アジア未来会議で口頭発表をしていただきます。

2020年9月20日(締切は8/31 から 9/20に延長されました)までに発表要旨を投稿し、2020年10月31日までに合格の通知を受けたとった方は、AFC奨学金の申請ができます。AFC奨学金の募集案内は合格通知に含まれています。AFC奨学金の選考結果は2021年1月20日までに申請者全員にお知らせします。


2020年9月20日(締切は8/31 から 9/20に延長されました)までに発表要旨が投稿され、2020年10月31日までに合格し、2021年3月31日までに投稿された論文(フルペーパー:A4判で5ページ以上10ページ以下)は、優秀論文賞の審査対象になります。発表要旨の合格通知を受け取ったら、発表要旨に基づいた論文のPDFデータをAFCホームページ上のご自分のページからオンライン投稿(アップロード)してください。






2020年5月1日 論文の発表要旨の投稿受付開始
2020年9月20日 論文の発表要旨締め切り(奨学金と優秀論文賞の対象)
2020年10月31日 発表要旨の選考結果を通知(合格通知には、奨学金の申込み案内が含まれています)
2021年1月20日 AFC奨学金の選考結果を通知
2021年3月31日 論文(英語か日本語)のオンライン投稿(PDF版のアップロード)の締め切り (優秀論文賞の選考対象)
2021年6月10日 優秀論文賞選考結果の発表
2021年8月10日 分科会スケジュールの発表
2021年8月29日 論文発表と優秀論文賞の受賞式(クロージングパーティー)


2020年5月1日 論文の発表要旨の投稿受付開始。
2021年2月28日 論文(奨学金と優秀論文賞の対象外)、小論文の発表要旨のオンライン投稿の締め切り
2021年3月31日以前 論文(奨学金と優秀論文賞の対象外)、小論文の発表要旨の選考結果を通知
2021年5月31日 論文(奨学金と優秀論文賞の対象外)、小論文のPDFデータ(英語か日本語か中国語)のオンライン投稿(PDF版のアップロード)の締め切り(この日までに投稿がない場合は、会議における発表の辞退とみなします)
2021年8月10日 分科会スケジュールの発表
2021年8月29日 論文発表



第六屆亞洲未來會議 <論文/短篇論文> 徵稿簡章

■ 會議主題





■ 分組研究發表會中心議題與子議題



分組研究發表會中心議題 子議題
未來城市與區域開發 智慧城市、環境、創新、健康
科學技術與經濟 人工智慧、區塊鍊、能源與產業
歷史與和平 和平、區域安定與政治、歷史、國際關係
教育與文化 海洋文化、流行文化與媒體、教育、語言、文學與文化
全球化 全球化與亞洲未來、全球化之下的貧富差距

■ 論文提交/論文發表使用語言

第六屆亞洲未來會議的官方語言為日語,中文和英語。 註冊時,請務必選定口頭發表欲使用之語種。選擇使用英語發表者,請提交250字以內之論文摘要;選擇使用日語發表者,請同時提交日語(600字以內)與英語(250字以內)之論文摘要;選擇使用中文發表者,請同時提交中文(400字以內)與英語(250字以內)之論文摘要。投稿非英語論文和短篇論文者得以單一語種(日語或中文)撰寫論文全文,不需要另行提供英文翻譯。

■ 論文提交/論文發表形式



1. 短篇論文short paper( 2~3頁)



2. 一般論文 full paper(10頁以内) (投稿者有資格申請獎補助金以及參加優秀論文獎競賽)



亞洲未來會議學術委員會將透過嚴正審查程序評選出約20篇優秀論文。入選優秀論文投稿者將於亞洲未來會議獲頒<優秀獎>公開接受表揚,獲選之優秀論文將被收錄於會後出版之優秀論文集《獻給亞洲的未來-我的提議 Vol.6》。請注意:歷屆亞洲未來會議優秀論文獎得主無法再度參加優秀論文獎競賽,敬請體諒與配合。


■ 分組研究發表會之場次分配


1. 個人投稿論文:由亞洲未來會議執行委員會分配


2. 團體投稿:自行組成發表小組者將獨立組成單一發表場次


■ 投稿方法

1. 請在第六屆亞洲未來會議官網註冊用戶(會員)個人資料。完成註冊手續後,您可以依據自行設定的ID及密碼登入個人帳號,隨時編輯或更新個人資訊。註冊時,螢幕將顯示一組電腦自動產生的4位數字代碼編列為您個人專屬的用戶註冊號碼,請確認號碼並註記下來妥善保管。若有需要查詢或諮詢大會相關資訊時,請務必通知承辦人員正確帳號(4位數字代碼)以便確認用戶身分。若您參加過在北九州舉辦的第三屆亞洲未來會議,在首爾舉辦的第四屆亞洲未來會議以及在馬尼拉舉辦的第五屆亞洲未來會議,您可以繼續使用當時註冊的ID和密碼登入個人帳戶,但請記得確認並同步更新您先前註冊時所登錄的個人資訊。

2. 完成用戶註冊手續後,您可以透過第六屆亞洲未來會議官網登入個人專頁,按照投稿簡章規定,進行線上投稿論文摘要之程序。

● 論文摘要投稿期間:
[ A ]  申請獎補助金/優秀論文獎之論文摘要
[ B ] 論文/短篇論文/海報發表之一般投稿(不申請獎補助金/優秀論文獎之論文)

● 論文摘要使用語種與字數限制:英語(250字以內)。唯欲以日語進行口頭發表者請同時提交英語(250字以內)與日語(600字以內)之論文摘要;以中文進行口頭發表者請同時提交英語(250字以內)與中文(400字以內)之論文摘要。


3. 在2020年5月1日至2020年9月20日(截止日期從8/31延長至9/20期間完成投稿且具備申請獎補助金與優秀論文獎候選資格的論文摘要將由學術委員會進行審查,並於2020年10月31日之前透過電子郵件通知投稿者審查結果。收到論文摘要錄取通知者,得以發表者身分於第六屆亞洲未來會議上進行口頭發表。

4. [ AFC獎補助金 ]如果您已於2020年9月20日(截止日期從8/31延長至9/20之前投稿論文摘要,並於2020年10月31日之前收到錄取通知,則可以申請AFC獎補助金。有關AFC獎補助金申請相關資訊將與錄取通知一併寄送到您登錄的個人郵件信箱。AFC獎補助金審查結果將於2021年1月20日之前將通知所有申請人。


5. [ 優秀論文 ] 獎:凡於2020年9月20日(截止日期從8/31延長至9/20前完成論文摘要投稿,於2020年10月31日前收到錄取通知且於2021年3月31日前完成論文全文投稿程序之論文(全文:A4版5頁~10頁)將成為優秀論文獎候選對象。發表者收到論文摘要已通過審查之正式通知後,請依照您最初投稿之論文摘要撰寫論文完稿,並於指定日期內透過AFC官網之個人會員專頁上傳已完成之論文全文PDF檔案,完成投稿程序。


6. 欲申請獎補助金或參加優秀論文獎甄選活動之論文,請於2021年3月31日前透過AFC官網登入個人會員專頁,完成線上論文投稿(上傳完成版論文)程序。無計畫申請獎補助金或參加優秀論文獎甄選之論文或短篇論文之完成版pdf檔案,請於2021年5月31日前透過AFC官網登入個人會員專頁,完成線上投稿(上傳pdf檔案)程序。發表者也可以發表重點摘要或PPT簡報檔案等相關資料取代短篇論文全文。請注意:未於截稿日前上傳檔案者,視同放棄在亞洲未來會議上發表論文的資格。

7. 學術委員會評選優秀論文的結果將於2021年6月10日公佈。分組研究發表會各場次議程時間表將於2021年8月10日之前在AFC官網上發布公告。

■ 籌備時程


2020年5月1日 官網個人會員用戶註冊開始、論文摘要投稿開始收件
2020年9月20日 論文摘要投稿截止 (投稿者有資格申請獎補助金以及參加優秀論文獎甄選)
2020年10月31日 通知論文摘要審查結果 (獎補助金申請簡章將與錄取通知一併寄送至投稿者電郵信箱)
2021年1月20日 公佈AFC獎補助金得獎名單
2021年3月31日 論文全文上傳截止
2021年6月10日 公佈優秀論文獲獎者
2021年8月10日 公佈分組研究發表會議程
2021年8月29日 論文口頭發表會暨優秀論文獎頒獎典禮


2020年5月1日 官網用戶註冊開始、論文摘要投稿開始收件
2021年2月28日 論文摘要投稿截止
2021年3月31日 通知論文/短篇論文摘要審查結果
2021年5月31日 論文全文(非申請獎補助金者與非優秀論文獎甄選對象之投稿者)、短篇論文之圖檔文獻資料(英語/日語/中文)PDF版檔案上傳截止(未於截稿日前上傳檔案者,視同放棄在亞洲未來會議上發表論文的資格。)
2021年8月10日 公佈分組研究發表會議程
2021年8月29日 論文口頭發表會

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