zoumen 蔵面
KEY WORD : art history / sculptures
Offertory mask. Cloth or paper masks used in *bugaku 舞楽 in the pieces *Ama 案摩, *Soriko 蘇利古, and *Kotokuraku 胡徳楽. (For the role of the host kenpai 勧杯, a Japanese). A dancer wearing one of these rectangular masks would also wear a lacquer hat kanmuri 冠, held down by cords with flared brush-like decorations oikake おいかけ at cheek level camouflaging the sense of a piece of paper being placed in front of the face. Being perishable, paper masks are usually made a new for each performance. Also of cloth are the 8c *fusakumen 布作面, preserved in the *Shousouin 正倉院. Repository of Toudaiji 東大寺, Nara.


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