sourin 相輪
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Lit. pagoda finial. The vertical shaft which protrudes from the top of a pagoda. The sourin, whether made of bronze and placed above a wooden pagoda or carved into a stone pagoda *sekitou 石塔, is usually divided into several component parts. At the base are the dew basin *roban 露盤, and the inverted bowl *fukubachi 伏鉢; next are the nine rings *kurin 九輪 surmounted by the water flame *suien 水煙; above that is the dragon wheel *ryuusha 竜車 (not found on sekitou) topped with the sacred gem *houju 宝珠.
Hannyaji Juusanjuu-no-tou
般若寺十三重塔 (Nara)
Houryuuji Gojuu-no-tou
法隆寺五重塔 (Nara)
a) *houju 宝珠 b) *ryuusha 竜車 c) *suien 水煙 d) *kurin 九輪
e) *ukebana 受花 f) *fukubachi 伏鉢 g) *roban 露盤


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