kurin 九輪
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also kuurin 空輪, hourin 宝輪. A part of the finial on top of a pagoda. Usually nine metal rings are attached to the tubular metal sheathing that covers the tapered central pillar which extends above the roof of the pagoda. There are some exceptions. For example, there are only eight rings on the finials of the two pagodas at Taimadera 当麻寺 (late 8c-early 9c) and seven rings on the finial at Danzan Jinja 談山神社 (1528), both in Nara.
nine rings
Koufukuji Gojuu-no-tou 興福寺五重塔 (Nara)
Koufukuji Gojuu-no-tou
興福寺五重塔 (Nara)

  eight rings
Taimadera Sanjuu-no-tou 当麻寺三重塔 (Nara)
Taimadera Sanjuu-no-tou
当麻寺三重塔 (Nara)

*sourin 相輪 

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