sodekabe 袖壁
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
A side or wing wall.

1 A generic term for a narrow wall projecting from either an inside or outside wall. There are many types. One example is a wall positioned at the end of a *tsuchibisashi 土廂, an area with a hardpacked earthen floor *doma 土間, over which extend deep eaves supported by posts set on the ground. Other examples include a narrow wall provided at one end of a corridor, or a narrow-sided sliding screen *shouji 障子, or a narrow wall beside a fence.
In a tea ceremony room *chashitsu 茶室, a narrow wall, open at the bottom, that is attached to the central post *nakabashira 中柱, and a corner post *sumibashira 隅柱. On this type of wall, crosspieces of wood or bamboo form a border to which shelves *tsuridana 釣棚, are hung on the inner side.

2 The stationary wings or panels on either side of ornate doors that open off to the side of the raised floor area *joudan 上段, in a *shoin 書院 style room.


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