shimodaidokoro 下台所
KEY WORD : architecture / aristocratic dwellings, folk dwellings
Lit. lower kitchen.

1 The outermost part of the kitchen that functioned as a service zone in the mansions of the leading warriors, bushi 武士and aristocrats, kizoku 貴族. The area existed from medieval times to the end of the Edo period in order to prepare food for members of the lower household, for the entourages of important visitors and for large-scale banquets. Its main entry, *katteguchi 勝手口 or *oodoguchi 大戸口, gave access to an earth-floored area *doma 土間, and acted as the tradesmen's entry to the residence. The meals of the senior members of the household were prepared in the more exclusive *kamidaidokoro 上台所. The kamidaidokoro was sometimes situated beyond the shimodaidokoro within the same structure, or in a separate but usually adjacent structure in the case of large-scale complexes. Also referred to as oodaidokoro 大台所.

2 In vernacular houses *minka 民家, especially in the late Edo period, a room or area where the earlier stages of food preparation took place. It was also used an eating place by servants and dependents. In some cases it referred to the doma itself, or part of it.


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