nemaki 根巻
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Also nezutsumi 根包. A wrap made of spaced wooden slats bound together with rope or metal strips, ornamented metal sheeting, rope, straw or stone placed around the bottom part of a pillar. Nemaki are commonly found around the pillars at the ornamental entrance-gates of shrines *torii 鳥居. The nemaki may be the only portion of the pillar that is painted black, as often seen at inari jinja, 稲荷神社. The nemaki also acts as a protective covering against decay. Stones placed around the bottom end of torii for protection are called nemaki-ishi 根巻石. When stone is used, it looks like a wrap but more often it is a high base into which the pillar is set. Sometimes the stone is painted, as it is at Usa Jinguu 宇佐神宮 (1853) in Ooita prefecture and Hie Taisha 日吉大社 in Shiga prefecture. For detailed description of the nemaki at this shrine, see *usa torii 宇佐鳥居.


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