miwa torii 三輪鳥居
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
Also called mitsutorii 三鳥居 or sankou torii 三光鳥居. An entrance gate to a Shinto shrine comprised of three sections. The center section is a typical *myoujin torii 明神鳥居 except the pillars have no inward incline *uchikorobi 内転. A smaller gate called wakitorii 脇鳥居 is attached on each side (also called ekidorii 掖鳥居 or sodetorii 袖鳥居). A board door hung with revolving pole hinges *itakarado 板唐戸 encloses the central section. These are opened only once or twice a year. Example: Oomiwa Jinja 大神神社, Nara.
Hibara Jinja 檜原神社 (Nara)
Hibara inja 檜原神社 (Nara)


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