maniaigami 間似合紙
KEY WORD : art history / paintings
Also read maniaishi, maniai 間似合. A rough paper of poor quality attached to sliding partitions *fusuma 襖 or standing screens *byoubu 屏風. Maniaigami is a type of *torinokogami 鳥の子紙, made with a shrub, Wistroemia sikokiana, or ganpi 雁皮 (see *ganpishi 雁皮紙) as the basic material, mixed with mud. It is made in 90cm lengths, enough for one half bay. Sometimes also called doroiri torinoko 泥入り鳥の子, literally meaning torinoko mixed with mud. Maniaigami is made in Nishinomiya 西宮 City, Shiosechou Najio 塩瀬町名塩 and therefore also is called najioshi 名塩紙.

*washi 和紙

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