keshou daruki 化粧垂木
KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
Exposed rafter. In general, any visible rafter as opposed to one not visible *nodaruki 野垂木. For example, the term *jidaruki 地垂木 (base rafter) which is seen in the pentroof or under the roof overhang can be called keshou daruki. Jidaruki was the common term before the hidden roof *noyane 野屋根 was invented the end 10c. In order to overcome a confusion in terminology, the term exposed rafter keshou daruki was used to distinguish it from the hidden rafter used in hidden roof construction.
Shoufukuji Jizoudou 正福寺地蔵堂 (Tokyo)
Shoufukuji Jizoudou 正福寺地蔵堂 (Tokyo)


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