KEY WORD : architecture / general terms
1 The frame, rail or stile of a door, window or sliding screen *shouji 障子. When applied to paneled doors *sangarado 桟唐戸, this term refers to the vertical members, while the horizontal ones are called san 桟. The former are often called vertical rails tategamachi 竪框 and the latter yokogamachi 横框. The top rails are called *kamigamachi 上框, and the bottom rails are called *shimogamachi 下框.

2 Any horizontal member that is used as facing to hide the edge or cut side of a board.

3 The horizontal member used at the end of a wooden floor.

4 A lacquered, decorative molding applied to the front of a raised floor *joudan 上段, alcove *tokonoma 床の間, shelf *tana 棚, or the raised face of an alcove floor.


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