juujuutou 十重塔
KEY WORD : architecture / buildings & structures
A unique, ten story stone pagoda *sekitou 石塔 at Injouji 引接寺 (1386) in Kyoto. Most pagodas normally have an odd number of stories. Why another story was inserted under the usual nine stories is unknown. It is placed on a circular pedestal that is decorated with fourteen Buddhist images. The inserted part is square and is the first story of the pagoda shaft. One Buddhist image is carved on each of the four sides. The second story is also square with the stone corners carved like posts. On the face of each side is carved a shrine gate *torii 鳥居. A Sanskrit letter and a Buddhist figure are inscribed in relief within each carved shrine gate. The top eight stone stories are cut in the usual way. The finial *sourin 相輪 is broken off to less than half its original height.


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