ikkensha-zukuri 一間社造
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
A style of main shrine building that has a small one-bay sanctuary *honden 本殿, also called shaden 社殿. It is most often associated with the kasuga style shrines *kasuga-zukuri 春日造, and therefore called ikken kasuga-zukuri 一間春日造. Steep steps cut from square lengths of timber lead to the entrance of the shrine. A pent roof *hisashi 廂, is supported at the front by square or slightly chamfered posts. The building is erected on stout timbers forming a grid *dodai 土台. In some cases only the sanctuary itself is placed on the grid and the posts rest on the foundation. In other cases the grid is extended far enough forward to permit the pillars to be erected on its outer corners. Although quite rare, there are a few ikkensha that have no steps. See *misedana-zukuri 見世棚造. There are also ikkensha with the front roof considerably longer than the rear roof. This roof is also incorporated into the ikkensha nagare-zukuri 一間社流造 or the flowing style of roof.


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