honden 本殿
KEY WORD : architecture / shrines
The sanctuary of a Shinto shrine, considered the most sacred shrine building because it contains the essence of the deity, usually symbolized by a sacred mirror or more rarely by a statue. The honden is located at the rear of shrine complex and is never entered by anyone other than a priest or, in case of major shrines, the Emperor. The building itself can be constructed in many different styles: *shinmei-zukuri 神明造, *taisha-zukuri 大社造, *sumiyoshi-zukuri 住吉造, *nagare-zukuri 流造, *kasuga-zukuri 春日造, *hachiman-zukuri 八幡造, *hie-zukuri 日吉造 and *gongen-zukuri 権現造.


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