hongatte 本勝手
KEY WORD : architecture / tea houses
Also called migigatte 右勝手. The so-called normal arrangement for most tea ceremony rooms *chashitsu 茶室 when the placement of the firebox or hearth *ro 炉 is on the right side of the host's mat *temaedatami 点前畳. When the arrangement is in what is called the reverse position, it is usually known as *gyakugatte 逆勝手. The 4 1/2 mat *yojouhan 四畳半 style room, considered the basic size for performing the tea ceremony, is almost always in the hongatte position. Examples: Meimei-an 明々庵 in Shimane prefeture; Onigawara-no-seki 鬼瓦席 in Koudaiji 高台寺 in Kyoto.

*hachiro 八炉, *dero 出炉, *mukougiri 向切, *sumiro 隅炉 

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